Track Web3 profits - with reports for crypto taxes

Track trading gains, income, yield, and cost basis for NFTs, tokens and cryptocurrencies

Track cost basis and profits and losses for sales of NFTs, tokens, and coins. Specify when received assets are earned income or interest on staked assets. All results are converted to your local currency.

Import transactions from exchanges and on-chain activity for Ethereum and Solana

Track on-chain activity for multiple wallets for Ethereum, Solana, ERC-721 (NFTs), ERC-20, and SPL tokens. Import CSV-files with transactions from Coinbase and reconcile exchange transactions with on-chain activity.

Building on top blockchain explorers lets Web3Gains make it easier to report transactions like multi-mints and trading on marketplaces like Blur and OpenSea better than coin-oriented apps - try it free!

Generate financial result reports for taxes

Generate spreadsheets in CSV format with annual results of asset sales for your tax accountant.

Swedish users can also generate K4 tax report PDFs.


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